Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gowns to Sew Part 1: Christian Dior Ball Gown wore by SJP

I listed my folders so when someday I asked my dress-maker to make a gown for me, this is my number 1 gown that I'll make. I also listed lots of dresses to! Stay tuned if you like my "plan". Honestly, I had all these "plan" because last January, my sister got married and I went to a gown-maker. She's quite famous in my town and I love her gowns. I decided to make a Marchesa gown once worn by Selena Gomez and the result really disappointing. The beaded is awkward and we have no time to redo the beads. So, on my sister's "big day" I feel so lame all day long and since then, I have lots of list in case someone's getting married and I know what'll I wore! No more regrets.

So, here's Christian Dior ball gown. An amazing ball gown. Sarah Jessica Parker wore it on 81st Annual Academy Awards. I always try to find big size pictures so you and I can see the details well. But a long while ago, someone said to me that she hates my blog because my size always too big and make her computer works slowly. I hope you guys understand why I always keep the size big.

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