Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bedroom Ideas: Canopy

canopy |ˈkanəpē|noun ( pl. -pies)an ornamental cloth covering hung or held up over something, esp. a throne or bed.• figurative something hanging or perceived as hanging over a person or scene the canopy of twinkling stars.• Architecture a rooflike projection or shelter they mounted the station steps under the concrete canopy.• the transparent plastic or glass cover of an aircraft's cockpit.• the expanding, umbrellalike part of a parachute, made of silk or nylon.• [in sing. the uppermost trees or branches of the trees in a forest, forming a more or less continuous layer of foliage :monkeys spend hours every day sitting high in the canopy.verb ( -pies, -pied) [ trans. [usu. as adj. (canopied)cover or provide with a canopy a canopied bed the river was canopied by overhanging trees.
ORIGIN late Middle English : from medieval Latin canopeum ‘ceremonial canopy,’alteration of Latin conopeum ‘mosquito net over a bed,’ from Greek kōnōpeion ‘couch with mosquito curtains,’ from kōnōps‘mosquito.’

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